Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm back, and yes I'm still asian.

Hey guy(s)! Yeah I remember saying I quit at this shit.
Well apparently this shit is starting right back up again!
Dayummmm well I'm looking back at this thing and its been like, almost a year!
and in edwin-time (which is amazing) thats a long time D:

Well not much has really happened in the last year.
I took up skateboarding and longboarding, and I have to say, its INTENSE.
I can kickflip, doublekickflip(every so often), bs popshuvit, bs shuvit, fakie bigspin, fs half cab, bs ollie 180, and ollies.

And longboarding, I've gone my fastest at about 32.7mph, the last time we actually took the time to record it.

I actually started up longboarding like maybe a couple weeks after my last post in november, and started doing skateboard tricks in March.

Holy jesus this'll be a long post.

So now I'm in high school, 9th grade FO SHO.
Mishka, Geoffrey's on - and - off girlfriend has moved to Wisconsin, and is staying there for a year, leaving Geoff in a probable state of CRIPPLING SADNESS.

Us ridiculously awesome freshman got wicked-ass new lockers, big enough to like, fit people in. Crazy shit really.
Turns out they were given out in alpha-fucking-betical order, and guess what?
I seriously hate alphabetical order, it like always mocks me and reminds me of how asian I am.

So because I'm the last in the locker-lineup, us buddies formed like a crazy huge posse thing that congregrates back there.
We're like tumors, like ones that are benign but then you're like wait a second, I think its cancerous, but then its not so you're like ok, cool. but then you die.

Oh and over the summer I went to CTY Lancaster 2008, it was amazing.
Raving and wicked-ass dances (where people actually danced! my my).
People in my class were awesome yayy.

Yeah well I've got to do homework now, I gotta say thanks to emma since she really reminded me to start this thing back up.
like she googled mishka malinowski and my blog was one of the results. dayumm.

alright thats all for now, I hope to have random posts in the future.


oh and I also ditched the glasses for contacts, have longer hair, and braces.

oh and I still hate avocados.


Geoffrey A. said...

actually its been exactly a year (give or take one day (actually just give))so DAMN

also yes i am horribly crippled

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