Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mm... Chocolate.

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Nice picture eh? I think I'll go practice by looking at some thumbnails with really small font on them...


Today, Geoffrey came over my house, and came.
A lot.

We played some generic random stuff, such as halo, star wars, halo 2...
Shut up Geoffrey.

We played halo 2, you must BELIEVE!
After a while, we decided to mess around with this slingshot I bought in China, brought to you by less-than-minimum wage workers in a 3rd world country.
Good stuff.

It worked very well, however what with the summer heet, the hershey's kisses we were shooting didn't seem to like us (they melted).
So, after some frustration from losing some random duel of "Who-can-shoot-a-hershey-kiss-farther-than-the-other-guy-pause-on-the-road," I got the sweet idea that we could mold the melted chocolate!!!!!!!!

So we molded some aluminum foil around some Lego blocks, and a British 2 and one pound coin.
Geoffrey ate his.

Unforunately, we had to clean up as we ran out of ideas of what to mold, along with the fact we/I was scared of what would happen if the little kids found a bowl of melted chocolate on some guy's driveway.

We had to shoo them away with a broom.
A small broom as they were small kids.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow.

Wow, its sure been a while since I made my last post, its also been a while since "Mr. El Blog-o" made a post, however anything he does does not change anything here, whether we be battlin' or fitin' or eating each other's code, It all comes down to a week where we're just too damn lazy to post.

EVEN if its been the most interesting.
"Psh, oh yeah, I went to china, ate some (insert exotic and sexy chinese food here) but I'll just assume everyone already knows."
Sucks because nobody knows.
And nobody cares.


Anywho, I finally take my time and energy to type up a few words for the general "crowd"/public/guy-sitting-in-front-of-his-computer-wondering-what-the-hell-I'm-doing, and basically tell a bit of what happened today.

Nothing happened.
*Gasps for breath* Whoa, that was a lot of words, Be right Back, Brownie break..

PS. I also made this frickin' sweet lego-usb/flashdrive thing, its what happens when you give a nerd the internet, a pile of little plastic blocks, a swiss army knife, and hot glue, and a flashdrive, and a pickle, which is for eating.

Picture here:

By the way, for the visually incompetent, this is a flashdrive(memorex) brutally haxed into "pieces." It had been split open, and then inserted inbetween 2 hollowed out lego blocks. It was then hot-glued into place, however a small notch was cut in the back and a drop of hot glue was inserted there to allow the light to be seen.