Thursday, November 1, 2007


Thats right.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'd Love Ayds, wouldn't you?

Here's a question. Would you rather have diet pills or enjoy Ayds?

I came across this video stumbling, and I thought it was hilarious.
Won't you join me in a laugh?
Ha ha.

The Story of the Big-Ass Oreo

Apologies for such a small picture, my webcam stinks...

And so we begin.
Me and my friends were sitting at our lunch-table, and so I pulled out a 6-pack of oreos.
Excellent, I began to fool around with them.
I took the first Oreo, pulled it in half, and stuck the half with the most cream on top of Mike's Bottlecap.
And so, we had a Oreo stuck to a bottlecap. Wonderful.
But wait! I had this amazing idea, you see.
I put another Oreo Cream half on the bottom, and I tried to see if anyone could possibly believe that It was an Oreo...
So, the next 15 minutes were spent taking apart Oreos and putting the cream onto the side of the bottle cap...
It wasn't necessarily hard, but I had to do so without any of the teachers patrolling the cafeteria finding out, So I had many awkward moments.
(i.e In the middle of taking apart an Oreo, a teacher came by, so naturally, I hid the half-completed Big-Ass Oreo into my lunchbox, and froze in place pretending to lick my Oreo.)
Ha ha, suckers, couldn't even notice.
Of course, Half of the table, perhaps 3/4ths knew what I was doing, so I was handing it out, this completely normal, one inch tall Oreo, when Mike decided "Oh, what if we slid it to the other side of the table?"
And so it came to be.
Charlie was at the other side, seeing this sweet, big-ass oreo, takes it and starts examining it, you see.
He starts to ask us what the hell it is, standing and walking and stuff, when a teacher comes by.
The teacher's like, "What are you doing?"
"Oh, some guy gave me this giant quadruple stacked Oreo"
"Well, eat it, or throw it away"
like 20 hands come up saying "Can I have it?"
So after a couple of minutes of cracking up he actually ate it, and bit on the bottlecap.
ha ha.

*the above picture is just a replica I made at home, actually, like 5 minutes ago.*

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogger Play

Wow! I found this new addition from Blogger!
Its called Blogger Play.
Its at
They say its an "endless stream of newly uploaded pictures."

Now I can look at other people's houses, kids, and kitties as long as I want!


Chinese Noodle Soup

My dad's just amazing at cooking, you know?
Just last weekend he made us this amazing "chinese" noodle soup. I mean, what's better than a package of sausages, a box of pasta, a couple of chopped tomatoes, and scrambled egg* into four quarts of rapidly boiling water?
Yeah, and you can make it more awesome by boiling it on high for a whole f**king hour!
Like, totally!

What do you get? tasty, tasty mush! Freaking waterlogged pasta noodles that made me want to throw up...
Seriously, if you're trying to make an "American" dish, couldn't you at least find that boiling ANYTHING for an hour is bad? Especially at high... I mean, simmering is cool and all, but who really simmers a soup by boiling it?
And why must my dad calling every dish he makes Chinese?
No, its not Noodle Soup and more, its frickin' Chinese Noodle Soup. Holy $h1t.
Would that mean if some English guy made it it'd be English Noodle soup? Gah... >.<

And so ends my rant about how my dad sucks at cooking.

In an unrelated story, I've tagged most of the posts. Yeah.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Renamed to Kick-Ass Ninjas...

Well, I felt like renaming A Bit of Everything to "Kick-Ass Ninjas!" for some reason.
Whats my excuse?
I have no Excuse.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh shit.

Damn, what a mess.
Well what I tried to do today was rewire the laser receiver and the laser/LED, but it seems that the LED isn't working... :(
There are so many wires (16 I believe) that I don't think it would make a worthy glove.

It sucks, after 4 hours of soldering and rewiring...
Past midnight, it seems o.O

Ah well, I'll be working on MouseGlove 2.0 Sometime...
Otherwise I'll be working on other projects.

According to my original plan, until Geoff nagged me to make a laser housing (jk), I was going to put the optical thing on my palm... dunno how thats going to work.
Heh :)
I'll plan it out later.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

And so it Begins...

Today the MouseGlove Project began.
Most of you don't know what the MouseGlove Project is.
Hell, nobody does, save Geoff.

I've always wanted to make a Computer Mouse hack, but I never really figured what to do.
However, today, through a rare stroke of pure genius and an afterthought of even rarer, normal thinking, I decided to integrate my mouse into one of those shitload knit gloves in my closet.

Yay ^^
What was planned to happen is that I will move the optical sensor to the index finger, as well as the click trigger switch thing, so I could control the cursor through my index fingers.
Sucks 'cause, it turns out I couldn't fiddle around with the optical sensor enough to move it.
Cheapass Dell mouses really aren't as great as I thought.

Progress so far:
- Today I pried the trigger switch out of the circuit board. Unfortunately, it shattered :O
- In other news, I managed to take out the trigger switch from the mouse wheel clicker and move it where the left mouse button was.
- I thread wire through the holes where the switches WOULD be, and managed to reconnect the trigger switch to the circuit board. remote clicking, hmm?
- Success! I tested the clicker by plugging the mouse in and clicking things like the start button. It worked! Some minor connection issues though, as sometimes the wiring wouldn't connect.

- Mom's taking me to Home Depot to buy a soldering gun/iron and solder :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I made these today as I was very, very bored. o.O
Since I felt like I HAD to make some kind of tech hack, after seeing SteamPunkWorkshop(AMAZING keyboard and monitor).
Since I had a pair of broken headphones in my basement normally filled with all sorts of junk, I decided to fix em' up.
The microphone was broken, so I had to rewire it, and it wouldn't twist right so I added a new washer to the insides...
Then I cut out some earpieces and a mic coverer out of foam leftover from last years Halloween Duckie Costume.
Went downstairs, and used the two BEST(and my only) spray paint cans (yellow and black) and painted the thing yellow.
Waited for it to dry, got too anxious, touched it too early, stuck to my hand, repainted. (Repeat 2x)
When it FINALLY dried I put masking tape over the parts which I actually WANTED yellow, painted over in black, touched too early, stuck to my hand, repainted, (Repeat 2x)

Hotglued everything together...blah blah blah.
So finally, just when I finish it I find that Geoffrey had JUST left MSN messenger.
Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately they're still not fit for wearing, turns out that the foam brushes some black paint onto my ears. (>.< Snap)
They will be fully-operationally-awesome by the end of the day, I promise.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sup Man

Sup to you too.

I saw this sign on a restaurant on the way back from Camp today... >_>

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Caffeine is Broken

Well it's 2:54 in the Morning and I'm sitting at a computer.
Big surprise.

I'm actually at Geoffrey's House -- hi Geoffrey.
(He's watching me write this post)

Anyways, we had just drank Coke a while ago -- but the caffeine is broked.
I swear.

I'm actually feeling like I could pass out right now -- I'm not used to staying up this late o.O
Ooh, pretty colors.
Red and green and purple and purple and clear...



Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cheap-@ss iPod Speakers

Behold the Cheap @ss iPod Speaker's utter awesomeness.
I made it today, obviously enough, and if you're actually interest in how I made them, continue reading.
But of course if you're not interested in reading, you may look at this kitten while GOOD people read blog posts.

Awww. :)

Well anyways, the Speakers were remarkably simple, all I had to do was
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
and then I took an old pair of speakers I found in my basement (of doom >=) ) and plugged in the jack where the headphones would go.
Then I made an uber-dock made of k'nex and stuff, lets me charge it while I listen to my uber music coming out of uber speakers.

Clear Crayons :)

(notso)Late Night Ramblings -(con't)

First of all, I understand it's not late.
Or at night.
But that hardly makes a difference -- I'm just continuing along my previous post.
Yeah... I know I never got around to editing my previous post, as I said I would.
Yes, thats right.
I lied.
Suck it up.

No wait -- You don't need to do that!
HEY! Now that was just uncalled for!
Ok look, you're not my friend anymore.

Anyway.. I probably should tell you what's happening.
Or leave you wondering what's happening.

Both scenarios include a gun pointed at your face.
^ For the Fuzz, I'll give them pie, good, glorious pie.

Well Anyways I've been working on a cheap-ass iPod speaker and dock set... I'll post pictures when I'm done.
Secondly, we WERE going to drive like an hour or two away to go to some sixflags stuff... But it rained last night and now we don't have to go!

Anyways, because of lack of ANYTHING AT ALL to write about, I believe I will write nothing at all for the next 3 paragraphs.

Raw Toast.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Its Late and I'm at the Computer.

Wow, yeah, I know.
I mind*** as well update you on my life, something you really didn't even need to know to begin with.
Well, suck it up and read.

Turns out we were going to to some Six Flags thing like two hours away, but we decided against it...
Ugh... Too late, I'll edit this post in the morning.

*** Suck it up** Geoffrey, thats the cool way to say things

** I say Suck it up too much. Well Suck it up. *

*My bad.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"I'm Stuck on Band-Aid Brand"

You know that commercial?


Its Experimental 3D!

Or, as I like to call it, AWESOME.

Bored I was today, so I decided to "make" some 3D images.
Its quite "simple" actually, you just need a camera and, say, photoshop elements.

What I did is I took two pictures of one subject, one photo at a **slightly** different angle.
Stress on the slightly.
You put the two pictures on top of each other in layers, then "file, save for web" and animate the two.
See, whats supposed to happen is that rapidly switching the views SHOULD create a 3D illusion, I've seen it done somewhere else... Forgot the web address so you'll have to find that yourself ;)

Here are my experiments:
Experiment 1
Experiment 2

And finally, the "best" one:
Experiment 3

I know, I know, Experiment 1 and 2 look like I just had a seizure after drinking 20 Cans of Red Bull -- Which is only a half-truth.

I know Geoffrey's going to either try this himself or flame me, but knowing him, now that I gave the options he'll find something else to do.
Jimmy, get into the bomb shelter.

Ode to Ctrl + Z

Today, I'd like to honor a "behind-the-scenes" hero:
Control and Z
Together they have helped us from undo's and...
Undoing stuff.
I'd like to say that they have always been there when I f%#k up, which is often.
They have been there to help me whenever I make a bunch of particularly minor however very unsightly errors.
Control and Z have won a place deep inside my harddrive, and today, I would like for it to be downloaded into small flash cards and drive to be sent to everyone else's harddrives, so everyone may feel as I do, about Control Z.

On a furthur note, I'd like this title to be stretched into "Up yours, Control Y," as I really don't need to redo a mistake.


Just to point out the obvious, I redid the ABoE (ha ha funny acronym) blog header-type thing, in case you haven't figured it out for yourself.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bush has a Banana Phone!

Its been a rather busy day, made two movies.
Well this one is perhaps my best so far-- basically its bush singing along to the song "Banana phone" by Raffi.

Just sit back and enjoy ;)

Laundry Day - Stopmotion Movie

Simply enough, a stopmotion captured only by me...
My sister didn't want to sit there for a few hours and click cameras, so I had to use the timer feature.
Apologies for any mistakes or stuff, but however short it is, enjoy.

Took around 3-4 Hours to make
Approx 350 Frames/Pictures taken
2 People annoyed
1 Donut Eaten

And the answer is yes. I can get that bored.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Having Fun with Rings

I love rings - Onion Rings, Gold Rings (Shiny) and especially, the movie THE ring.
Great because it arrived unexpectedly from Netflix.
So, even after telling my mother and sister how scary it was, they still thought it was a good idea to watch it.
Probably not a good idea though -- the last time my sister watched a scary movie (The Mummy) she believed that there was a mummy following her and would eventually kill her.
She kept it up for months O.o

When we began to watch the movie, I said I'd go get some popcorn...but instead got my mom's phone.  >=)

Oh, and popcorn -- popcorn is tasty.
Well anyways, we watched the movie through until we got to the phone ringin' scene.
As soon as the Ring Video was over, I started dialing.
Unfortunately, I found that there wasn't any connection/bars.

However, as soon as the phone in the movie rang, one bar went up and Guess What : Our phone rang at the SAME TIME.

Of course, I scare the %&#$ out of them, and it was REALLY, REALLY funny.
Probably not funny to my sister, as now she's too scared to watch tv o.O
Even after I told her that it was me who just called...

Better for her I guess.

On a side note, we went shopping yesterday and guess what we found --
Lactose-Free Ice Cream :D
Ice cream, Ice cream...
Or as Fergie might spell it,

Monday, July 16, 2007

Betrayed the Cause

Unfortunately, my vegetarianism streak(not really) has ended already D:
I had gone to lunch at phil's pete za, and I had to order a sandwich as I can't eat pizza(Lactose-intolerance suckssss).
lo and behold, It had pizza on it. Great.
Did I type that? Sorry, I meant Turkey.

Because turkey is a type of meat from a bird of the crazzzy turky variety.
It tasted good though...

Dang. I can't believe its over so quickly.
I'm going to stop eating meats though...

Heh... My bad?
I can just imagine Geoffrey coming up to me and yelling,
Edwin, you betrayed the cause!

Mike would say,
"Eat more meet punk"

and Matt would just say,
"Shh, I'm busy playing Go"


Because my family isn't that exciting or something like that, I decided to go to a sleepover at my friend's house...
Specifically Matt's.

Hi Matt!

Well anyways, we watched this youtube video over and over...
Something called "Pwned" by Duke Nukem.
Link's Here=
Well I dunno why, but he repeats the same 5 phrases over and over again, and its actually kind of funny.
Actually, it was hilarious -- We laughed our asses off.

"I've got balls of steel"
"Blow it out your ass"
"Eat shit and die"
"I'm going to rip off your head and shit down your neck"
"I'm going to kick ass and chew bubble gum -- and I'm all out of gum."

Erm, pardon the awkward sayings, but thats basically all he says.
Seriously though.
You should go watch it.
If you don't like it, sue me.
If you're going to sue me, uhh
Don't sue me please 0:)


Well now I woke up like an hour ago, and I'm at the library typing away on this compooter. Matt's getting tutored in the maths and his bro' is getting tutored by his mom.

And nothing is happening to me right now, except for the fact that I'm typing.
Here in the library.
On the compooter.

Well have a nice day -- enjoy your summer while it lasts.
Oh, and to Geoffrey + such out there, I quit RS for real.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I decided to be vegetarian today.
Well, I'm under the impression that I'm running out of things to blog about, as well as the fact I actually think its healthier if I stop eating meat...
You know, being that meat comes from living, breathing animals like ourselves. It just -- *shudders*

Moving on, I had just gone to lunch with my grandparents (and parents) to some place called like "Royal Buffet."
I don't know what really urges them to go to these "buffets," even though there was a perfectly good Applebee's right next to it.

I picked vegetables (which weren't so great, I think they deep-fried them) and some random noodly-rice things. My parents, grandparents, and my sister however, piled up on meat goods, which made up at least 92% of all the foods...

Arguably, you might as well say that what I had was much, much healthier.

Of course thats really not what matters at this point.
They shalt continue eating those animal parts.
Good ol' animal chunks.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Hotness

I just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix or something like that.
My sister didn't understand the movie at all... She couldn't follow a plot if it took on the shape of Michael Jackson and stalked her for her.
Well turns out my sister managed to establish AGAIN that she cannot read despite her age *sigh* and thought the movie time of 3:30 was actually 2:45. Good Job, I say.
So during that time we waited, I got my hair cut.
Sucks 'cause my long hairs has been ripped from my head =[
I'll put up a picture...

As you may be able to see, My hair is significantly shorter >_>
Not that it actually matters in any sense, but it does strike me odd, you see.

I've been accustomed to having long hair so... In public I frequently shake my head side to side...Which is normal when my hair is long.
So uhh.
I Don't even know why I even bothered posting this freaking thing :S

Ah well, I mind as well do horrible things to myself so I have more things to blog about.

3 Weeks and Still Nothing...

Sup Guys.
I had just spent 3 weeks writing on little sheets of paper for an unknown reason, over 2,300 miles away from my own home, thanks to my instructor.
What made it better is that I spent a couple thousand dollars for a guy to tell me what to write on that piece of paper.

Now, I'm sure you'd ask, "Where did you dissapear off to for 3 weeks?"
I have a question too.
Are you a child predator?

Yeah. I mean, no, I'm not a child predator. Well then. 
You see, I really can't answer a question like that, unless I am actually that stupid.
Which I'm totally not.
At all.

It actually feels good to be back on my blog for once, as I keep on ditching it for weeks on end...
I met a coupla' kids at the camp-- Place I went to for 3 weeks, and I had spent a couple dozen minutes rounding the names up and adding them to my gmail account.

Problem is, some people have neat handwriting and some people have sloppy handwriting.
For a nerd-camp, I was surprised at how many illegible words people can write.
It also are weird how many peoples stinks at grammarr.

Its been a good time though, I may show this blog to Chase, I'm talking with him on AIM.

Hi Chase!

And Elly might come back to read so

Hi Elly!

And thus concludes my ramblings of the day, enjoy the rest of the day.
In misery.
Not that you can enjoy misery, since misery is defined as something you don't enjoy so...
I Have to stop talking.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Loop de Loop

Using oober skills in bf1942, I jump out of a plane and catch it before it hits the ground.

Thanx to 36th Clan for their l33t servah!


Guess what!

My Blog Just got

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Look : Altoids.

Yarr, there be link.

I have recently submitted my idea into the Fridge Magnet Contest.
Fingers Crossed that I win.

If you have an Instructables account, you can post a comment too :D

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mm... Chocolate.

^ Click picture To see all the comments ^
^ I mean, like if you don't have auto-matic pixel looking-at-and-clarifying-skills^
^Which I don't have.^
^ At all ^

Nice picture eh? I think I'll go practice by looking at some thumbnails with really small font on them...


Today, Geoffrey came over my house, and came.
A lot.

We played some generic random stuff, such as halo, star wars, halo 2...
Shut up Geoffrey.

We played halo 2, you must BELIEVE!
After a while, we decided to mess around with this slingshot I bought in China, brought to you by less-than-minimum wage workers in a 3rd world country.
Good stuff.

It worked very well, however what with the summer heet, the hershey's kisses we were shooting didn't seem to like us (they melted).
So, after some frustration from losing some random duel of "Who-can-shoot-a-hershey-kiss-farther-than-the-other-guy-pause-on-the-road," I got the sweet idea that we could mold the melted chocolate!!!!!!!!

So we molded some aluminum foil around some Lego blocks, and a British 2 and one pound coin.
Geoffrey ate his.

Unforunately, we had to clean up as we ran out of ideas of what to mold, along with the fact we/I was scared of what would happen if the little kids found a bowl of melted chocolate on some guy's driveway.

We had to shoo them away with a broom.
A small broom as they were small kids.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow.

Wow, its sure been a while since I made my last post, its also been a while since "Mr. El Blog-o" made a post, however anything he does does not change anything here, whether we be battlin' or fitin' or eating each other's code, It all comes down to a week where we're just too damn lazy to post.

EVEN if its been the most interesting.
"Psh, oh yeah, I went to china, ate some (insert exotic and sexy chinese food here) but I'll just assume everyone already knows."
Sucks because nobody knows.
And nobody cares.


Anywho, I finally take my time and energy to type up a few words for the general "crowd"/public/guy-sitting-in-front-of-his-computer-wondering-what-the-hell-I'm-doing, and basically tell a bit of what happened today.

Nothing happened.
*Gasps for breath* Whoa, that was a lot of words, Be right Back, Brownie break..

PS. I also made this frickin' sweet lego-usb/flashdrive thing, its what happens when you give a nerd the internet, a pile of little plastic blocks, a swiss army knife, and hot glue, and a flashdrive, and a pickle, which is for eating.

Picture here:

By the way, for the visually incompetent, this is a flashdrive(memorex) brutally haxed into "pieces." It had been split open, and then inserted inbetween 2 hollowed out lego blocks. It was then hot-glued into place, however a small notch was cut in the back and a drop of hot glue was inserted there to allow the light to be seen.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Sorry. Well not really.

I'm sure you've been wondering, huh, this guy hasn't been making a post in a long time.


Well, just to prove you wrong, right here, right now, is a blog post.
Maybe you don't even care about this, but thats the least of your problems right now.
"Oh great, that idiot behind the screen made another blog post, whoopee."

Well at least I'm a blogging idiot.

That being said, I refuse to not to refuse to refuse telling you how I spent this.....few week timespan? Yeah.
Well I've been at China.
Mainly because I'm Chinese. Big surprise there.
Nothing really of interest happen this few weeks, I might go post something actually more worthwhile in the distant future.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Take that, France!

Something that's been on my mind for a while is how France has managed to, lose in every war. They haven't won a war since that French and Indian war, part of the 7 years war, where Germany kicked their sorry England-Beating Asses. (England beat them later)
Hands down, their military strength sucks.

Now you see, also brought to mind is how Switzerland has managed to dodge every war, staying neutral on every occasion. How they manage to do this, I have no idea. Perhaps bribes? Perhaps their cool little red knives? Or maybe Hitler was scared to attack a country that had a white plus sign on its flag.
"No, don't attack us, you want Swiss Cheese, eh?"

Now something to imagine is if France and Switzerland were to have a war with each other, you can't be too sure of the turnout. Actually, Switzerland will probably back out of the war, and France would somehow manage to blow themselves up with nuclear missiles, toss baguettes at each other in anguish, and then go complain about their problems to England and the US.
Pfft, scavenging noobs.
Go whimper to the higher powers, why dont'cha.

So, in this scenario, there would be no winner. Hell, both sides lost. I don't see why Switzerland WOULDN'T want to back out of the war, its not like they can run into their ranks and stab people with nail files from their little Swiss Army Knives. Unless they built a mini-gun into those, that'd actually be quite impressive.
With that said, you can be sure that although both sides lost, the real winner is the USA, the proud, USA. Thats right. Even though we never took place in that war, we gain the upper hand by letting more and more people to get obese (oftentimes on baguettes, you dirty French ) and spend billions of taxpayer dollars to fund HotPlates. Good, good hotplates.
Not to mention, we also have cool digital watches.
Take that Switzerland! You think you're so great with them Swatches that nobody buys!

Sick and Unchurned.

Well it seems to me that I'm very sick, and it took me 3 bottles of water, a can of beans, and 2 tablets of tylenol a day, not to mention a bowl of guacamole to go with it.
That being said, I feel completely awful, nasal congestion and whatnot.

Now that I've begun to make this post, I can rightfully say that NO, I am not ditching zuperblogz like my other blogs ( See Universetech rofl, one freaking post ;) ). Shut up, Z comedy had a good run.

I think that you might not actually be wondering that your not wondering why you're not wondering about the "unchurned" bit in the title.
Well, you see, my mom had bought this quart of Edy's Slowchurned Ice Cream.
Hmm, neat, I guess America likes ice cream churned less.
You know, how great would it be to come out with UNchurned ice cream?
I would call it : Eddy's UNchurned ice cream, or "Edwin's Magic Juice."

That being said, I have to go sulk and complain about my aches and pains, perhaps eat a banana...
Mmm... Bananas...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Potatoes have Eyes.

^Click for full size^

Anyways, I just had to do that. However, you should also see the "What is a Shrewd" post down there.
Spoof of "The Hills have Eyes"

Just a little Double Whammy poster-ness.

In case you didn't know, the dimples on a potatoe are by definition, the "eyes" of the potatoe. Excellent.

What is the Shrewd?

What is the Shrewd?
The Shrewd made its first appearance in 2007, although the exact date is unknown/missing/awesome. They are one of the lesser spotted animals, although have randomly come out of nowhere to harass the generic public, via this blog. The Shrewd's Name can be spotted in the main title, and can be found in this site's favicon. Keen observers can also see it freaking out a ninja at the bottom of the page, if you're really into that kind of thing.**

Appearance: The Shrewd's most distinctive features include their bulging eyes, often containing pupils which face opposite directions (up,down, left, right). Their smile is a biological miracle, being that they are able to extend their smile-things across their entire face, and then some. The longest record to date is 2 feet extending from the body. What the Shrewd looks like from behind with this, is unknown, for nobody is that awesome/sweet/l33t/ enough to even dare so.
The photograph of the Shrewd was extremely hard to find, being that most cameras cannot handle how shrewd/sweet/supa' fly they are, so that our crew could only grasp the outline of the Shrewd's body. We then smoothed out the curves, and had Billy, our cartoonist, to fill in the colors according to his emotion. Upon finishing, Billy proceeded to annihilate our other staff, in a terrible accident with a baguette and an oversized Shop-Rite leek.
We'll miss Matt and... what's-his-face.

If you can't tell already, the Shrewd who had its photo taken was in some deep emotional trauma.

Behavior: The Shrewd's behavior is defined as "shrewd," for all of those who cannot infer even the most blatant of things. They are known to live in the the area outside of your skull, but still inside your Russian hat with the little ear-flaps, which are factually awesome. The Shrewd has a tendency to be awesome, to eat, freak j00 out, and exhibit its most famous hobby, being shrewd. It usually sits there, being shrewd on the floor, sometimes crawling around on its stomach, should It actually have one.

Reproduction: Lol, WTF? Shrewds just ARE.

Migratory Pattern: They tend to travel the same route as the coconuts.

Fast Facts:
-Shrewds PWN.
-Nobody can act Shrewdly. Not even the Shrewds.
-^ No, seriously ^

And so we finish our look into the Shrewd, I'll make a real post tomorrow ; )

**Removed: If you want to see what it looked like go here

Friday, March 16, 2007


So I wake up today morning, and I find out, Hey, Its a Snow Day!
So, like the typical me, what's better to do than go onto runescape and wittle away my life? Huh? Yeah!
I managed to accomplish almost nothing at all today, except one range lvl, a few hundred herbs, and a ton of random st00f.

So anyways, I guess I really shouldn't be posting.
You see, I'm the type of guy who posts stuff when things actually HAPPEN.
Of course, just as a warning, I'll say that tomorrow I'm going to Shawnee, snowboarding.
Had the storm not come, It'd be too warm to go. :(

In that case, I guess I'd better be humorous/entertaining.
Heh. Heh.



Monday, March 12, 2007

Colors Quiz

ColorQuiz.comEdwin took the free personality test!

"His need to feel more causative and to have a wide..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Took a colors quiz, thanks to geoff, looked interesting.
I have to go now, ASK testing today.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog-Thing Quiz.

The Part of You That No One Sees

You are balanced, peaceful, and sincere.

You're the type of person who goes along to get along.

And you're definitely afraid of rocking the boat.

Underneath it all, you fear your world falling apart.

You'll put up with a situation that you don't like in fear of changing it.

Disruptive and forceful people intimidate you - and sometimes exploit you.

What's the Part of You That No One Sees?

I actually find that accurate.
Anywho, this seems to be the 80th post, nothing is really happening. In case you're wondering, this is the 80th post, and I'm VERY far behind Geoffrey.
Oh well.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Excuses, Excuses.

In case nobody could tell already, today's my birthday.
So in celebratory awesomeness, I've decided to make a post on the highlights of the day.
Nvm, screw this, just see the post below, titled "My birthday, and nothing more."
So whatever, my mom and dad decided to get me a little birthday-present, which is basically getting to go to California for my Johns Hopkins Camp.
Psh, its not like they wouldn't let me go anyways. However, it did count as my birthday present.
Still pretty sweet getting to go to Los Angeles ova' t3h summer.

So I went out to eat for dinner today (a big surprise), went to this place called "Stardust Diner." It wasn't too bad, except for the fact that it seemed that there was only one waitress. Meh, there's been worse.
Anyways, I got this "thing" called English Blackened Prime Rib. 'Twas actually kind of good, being that it was English and all. Yes Geoffrey, you can go do your "because thats what heroes do" stance. Yup.
Even being that 'twas good, it didn't seem my parents favoured the $10 price tag that just happened to follow it around like a little dog following a penguin because penguins LOVE little doggies.
With leashes.

So after that, we stumbled into our cars in the bitter cold of winter-snowyness and became awesome throughout the entire car ride. You know, the usual.

In case you've been wondering still why the post title is called "Excuses, Excuses," perhaps you should read below. Yeah... Below...


More below.

Under this less than incriminating line of text is a comedy script I thought up of during science, mainly because I didn't have anything better to do. At all.
I was looking at a few magician's tricks, mainly the "Ha ha noob I'm going to pull this tablecloth out of under the dishes" trick. Now you see, it really doesn't look to hard, and it would be easy to imagine what that magician would say.
Now, he'd be like, "I decided to clean only the tablecloth, but I didn't feel like taking off the dishes one by one."
At this point he's pull the tablecloth out from under.
Now you see, I very much have difficulty imagining what that magician would do in a situation where the trick failed miserably. How would he respond? What would be his excuse?
Perhaps he took the tablecloth out from under, and the dishes with it, shattering onto the floor.
The only response to that I can think of is :
"Well at least I don't have to clean the dishes."

Just my birthday, and nothing more.


In celebratory awesomeness, I have decided to make an uber-post, since it's my birthday.
My burst-day!
Now that that's been said, I'd like to say.

Got some people at school to tell me it's my birthday Cathryn had congratulated me.
4 times.
That's probably the most anyone's said :P

Geoff said "Happy Birthday BTW"
He actually said the letters "b" "t" and "w."

And so this post ends. See the above post for other st00fz0rs I did today.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Earl is here.

At last, I finally came onto the computer, and decided on getting the Earl the Canister movie posted on our account ( So anyways, here's the movie.

In case you've been wondering, Earl the Canister was pushed from one side of the Halo 2 map Headlong, to the other side, and pushed it up several flights of stairs, before I accidentlly tossed a grenade and blew him off.

He suffered minimal Injuries, Earl did.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Earl the Canister

Who is Earl the Canister?
Earl the Canister is a moveable, indestructible metal canister that I found on one side of the Halo 2 map, Headlong. He was discovered on March 3rd, when we woke up after playing a night full of Halo 2 ownage and decided to keep on playing. Naturally, I just HAD to roll him from one side of the map to the other. He was pushed off a 5-story building, or moreover blown off with a fragmentation grenade. He was then filmed but then later unavailable for hosting. He was later forgotten as the xBox was turned off, and he was had a horrible case of amnesia and was resetted to his original place.
He was a great Canister.


You probably weren't wondering what I've been doing the past... two days?
Well if in some rare instance that you actually are wondering what is happening is, well, sort of simple.
You see, 'twas my birthday party yesterday, and two(2) people brought xBox Controllers for meh party. Jessie got me a wireless, while Sean got me two normal.
So we have 4-way OWNAGE throughout the day, and night, and most of the morning of the next day.
Ha ha, my ear hurts.
We had a hilarious movie of Earl the Canister being blown off a building(by mistake).
Thanks a lot to Revver, they won't accept my movie to be hosted, something about Copyright and Halo/Halo2. Hmph, I'm not actually saying that "I" made it.
Sort of.

Anywho, I had really stop blogging at the moment, mainly because I'm in MontClair University.
I'm taking a course on Javascript/CSS right now, turns out they have IBM Thinkpads we are welcome to use while he does the lesson. He he.
So, anyways He's talking something about Internet Databases/Servers and other cooly-cool things, and I'm about to leave.
I'll make a post on Earl the Canister later.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

And the results are in!

SuP doods, if you're wondering, see these posts: McSAT and The SAT?

And so much as to continue my ramblings, I proclaim, The Results of My SAT are in!
I scored a 1760, out of 2100 or something.
I managed to score higher than the average "college-bound" senior, peaking in math, which was some 180 points higher than average.
'Tis sweet, you know.
When I told the results to Geoff, he said that:
that's the same exaacctt score
that i got on the practice

Oh. So now I'm only as smart as Geoffrey eh?
Well, I can't wait until he gets his results.
Unless he didn't take the test.
Which he probably didn't.
Um... I'll still make sure he gets results... Heh heh heh...

And ending on that note, its been decided that I must go onto my quest of "shopping in the lost Shoprite for cups and assorted breakfaster eats." Yum.
We're also going to hope to get these giant Hershey's bars as the goodie bag presents, Whoopee!
Mmm... Chocolate.
And so, I finish off this blog post with my mum. Oh dear. I'm under the influence. Of Geoffrey. But seriously kids, DON'T DO DRUGS. It will lead to social ruin. A lot.
Anywho, my mom* watches me from the door way, desperately waiting for me to finish off this blog post, which has only taken the course of, um, five minutes? Excellent.
At last, I finally do finish this blog post.
Or will I?
Or shall I?

Ok maybe I really should.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snowball Fight!

When I got off the bus this afternoon, I was greeted by none other than the neighborhood kids.
And a fistful of snowballs.
In the face.

And what do you know?
A snowball fight engaged.
'Twas pretty sweet.
Me and Nick were offensive, while 10-20ish 8-10 yr olds ambushed us.
You see, we were still wearing casual school attire.
But that doesn't stop me.
And Nick.
So here we are, pelting viciously at poor little 2nd and 3rd graders.
Because that's the HUMANE thing to do, of course.

Now this fight was very interesting, and many an even happened.
Such as, well, when Charles was trailing me behind. So, I grab a snowball, and randomly toss it quickly backwards. I hear a yelp of pain, and you see Charles on the floor grabbing his groin, and just rolling around. 'Tis fun watching a kid in pain, of course.
Another time, we managed to grow ever so close to the base the little kiddies held so dear, and using our superb ninja skillz, we tossed snowballs at the walls. They crumbled like a pie crust.
Because pie crusts crumble, of course. But seriously, there were gaping holes in the walls...

Anywho, another little fun thing I did was like a "drive-by-shooting." I ran as fast as I could with one snowball in each hand, and I pelted them at the little kids while they just stood there with an expression on their face that said:

Anyways, the snowy-bally-war ended in, one, two hours, dunno. I lost track of time. But, it ended with a kick.
No, seriously, I drop kicked the side of the fort. It came crashing down.
It was hilarious.

Turns out I forgot one of the best parts of the fight.
The "Help I'm faking my own death" scene.
You see, I was innocently pelting snowballs at little kids, until one of those kids managed to toss a snowball which landed square on my windpipe/neck. Some manners they have.
Anyways, at this point I drop to the floor, not in pain of course, but more of "ha ha I'm about to trick you" kind of way. I stay on the snow for a while, and I just hear the kids around me.
"Heh, he's on the floor, pile snow on him..."
3 minutes later, its more like,
"Um...Maybe he should go home...I think he's hurt..."
So I finally stand up slowly, stumbling(fake) towards my house, the kids turn their backs to go ambush Nick, and then I ambush them, and run inside my house.
THEN I come back out.
Fun stuff, the snow.

Or, as Geoffrey may say,

Sent at 10:22 PM on Wednesday

Oh yes, sorry about the possible "lack of humour" in this post. You see, I actually believed for a second that the events themself would be funny. Ha! Ha! So anyways, I'll hope to provide you with a dose of humour for your virtual-addiction.

Oh and, Geoffrey doesn't believe I'm the type who jogs/runs.
Ha, I'm going to show him.
Oh, he's reading this now isn't he...
Hey look a distraction!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Oops, sorry about the quick two posts today.
I just feel... What you say, inspired?

Well I was on ABS , where I found this great tutorial on how to make real things out of MS Paint.
A Shocker!
I didn't know you could actually MAKE pictures with MSpaint.
No, seriously.

To the left here is a little abstracty thing I made, using the sort of "custom paint brush" thing.
Pretty cool I think.

To the upper right is a duckie I made, just for fun and to satisfy my ever so common boredom.
'Till tomorrow, I'm off to play runescape.

Procrastination Domination

pro·cras·ti·nate [proh-kras-tuh-neyt, pruh-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, -nat·ed, -nat·ing. –verb (used without object) defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.
–verb (used with object) put off till another day or time; defer; delay.
^^Thanks to^^

What is a procrastinator?
Well, what that definition is missing is the 3rd number.
3. See Edwin

Anyways I know, I know, I'm extremely unstable when it comes to blogging.
You see, I seem to procrastinate.
A lot.
I tend to manage to procrastinate even the once though im-possible.
For example, maybe my birthday.
"Edwin, your birthday is today."
"Eh, can we do it tomorrow?"
...And so on.

Just kidding.

Even so, I have managed to procrastinate making a blog post this entire week, and then some.
In the rare instance that you actually cared about what happened this past "Edwin gone missing" week, I'll explain in brief sentences for each day.

We had a 4-day weekend, having off on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. On Wednesday, nothing really interesting happened aside from the fact it was the last day of ski club.
Pretty sweet, you may say.
Well...It was. I got to skip lesson 5 :D go me, tried out lesson 6, skipped out on it, and snowboarded down the larger hills for the rest of the hour. Fun stuff.
Nothing happened until Saturday that week, when I went to Geoff's house for a sleepover.
Now that 'tis Monday, I have finally brought up the courage to make a blog post.
In case you've been wondering (ha ha, nice one), I actually had adequate time to make a blog post, I just didn't get around to it.
Ha ha.

Now that I've got that done, I'm going to go play a bit of runescape and overall waste all of my time until it becomes night-time, which is the average time I go to sleep.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh dear...

What happens when you put a bored nerd and an "awesome visionary-dude" in front of a computer?


Dear, look at the results.
Me and Geoff have been screwing around today, at my house, playing Halo 2 on meh Xbox.
Pretty sweet, you may say.
Well, unless you count randomly switching rocket launchers and energy swords back and forth in hope to z00m across the map and totally PWN the guy you were trying to kill, trying to take a rocket and press Y twice and then push the trigger down really hard, sweet.

Of course, if you're really into that kind of thing.
You know me, I get bored.
Very quickly.
Which is why I made this in my "free**" time. (Psh, do I have to pay for this too?")
**Note, free time is not considered "free" in any shape or form, should this "free" time take away from school work and dangle me closer into the pit of ultimate DESTRUCTION!

^Okay, maybe I can't make it the best, but Nobody can make it better.^

Ok, this is just random, a screen of a warning I got while typing this post:

^AhHhH! What does it want me to do? I'm so confused... I can't find the cancel button :( ^

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oops, I did it again. :(

What do you get if you mix Sprite, upset stomach, a lollipop, family reunions, Maple Story(ugh), procrastination, Runescape, tiny plastic ninjas, and a blender?
You get a basic summary of yesterday.
Pretty sweet, you may say.
It kinda... sucked is such a bad word...
Didn't come out "right" (what is right anyways?)
Again, I haven't made a blog post for, how many days?
Omfg, 5 days!
Sorry guys.
I've been uh... procrastinating.
Its what I do best.

Yesterday night our family took me away to go see our relatives, like thats our lifetime dream. Blegh.
I got extremely bored there, watching Howard and Jeffery playing Maple Story (which is a really ****ed up 2d kiddie game). Dudes! Get allegiance/runescape/a life!

I got soo bored, I drank sprite. Okay, I would've drank sprite ANYWAYS, but thats really not the point. To some extent, I began dipping this Toosie Pop thing in, and after a few dips and licks, my sprite turned pink. Then red. Then my stomach began to feel funny.
My sister had extremely galloping whoopeedooing ouch mom I'm going to die pains, so we were whisked out of that dreadful house. Sweet, I even got $20 cash for Chinese New Years. Its not a lot, but its basically the only cash I get to keep.

Now that its tomorrow morning, a Sunday, my cousins are coming over AGAIN, rather annoying I believe.

I sit here with a glass of English Breakfast Tea and a few slices of bacon, trying to at least enjoy the morning before my mom and dad come down, hack me up into little bits, get all the king's horses(which do not have opposable thumbs) to fix me, fail, then get those little pieces to go do a few packets of Kumon crap.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Oooops, sorry about the lack of posts this past week, I really didn't feel in the mood to do a post, really.
Well I have some time right now, since I just put in a pork loin roast into the oven of no real significance, rubbed with pepper, "sauces," basil, spice, and everything nice (yes, including giraffes). So I covered it in breadcrumbs for a crunchy exterior and BAM!
Thats what you get on The My Mom's Birthday Dinner.

In case you ACTUALLY have been wondering what I've been doing this past week which led me to not really come back to my blog and leave and do stuff thats cool but not at the same time 'cause thats how bloggers are in the world with the snowboards and computers and the mozilla firefox you should get and allegiances with awesome people who do math grouping some functions with polynomials and google talk.
Oh, sorry.
Just yesterday I went to ski club, and people didn't believe that I, Mister Nerd-Master-To the MAX could snowboard.
I showed THEM! A! Snowboard!
So I managed to get really fond of this game called Allegiance, a nice space/flying game.
If you're the team captain, you get to use this tactical view of the whole map, and order groups of people around. But wait, thats not all, the units are real pilots piloting around in their little piloted pilot-holder flyers.
Well I'm only free for a half hour, before I have to go check on the roast again, blegh.
Waiting is for losers.
Oh, right.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

First Sketches

Just thought for something new, I could try out making sketches as blog posts, just a little something new. Maybe daily, weekly, I have a little sketchy journal so thats basically it.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Scribble Font

You maybe wondering what I've been up to all day.
You probably weren't.
Well I've been up for a few hours developing Scribbles Font, (Scribbly.ttf) thanks to the help of FontCreator, great program.
Its basically the alphabet drawn scribbly, and personally, I think it looks very nice.
Of course, the only way to tell is to actually try it out.
So if you'd like to download it, click the Pic up there ^^^
Of course you can always click HERE if you didn't really get a chance to see the image.

To install this font, simply copy and paste it into C:/WINDOWS/Fonts.
It will automatically install.
Have Fun. :D

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Rubik's Return

Ok guys, I've managed to solve the Rubik's cube, and after the first time everything else is kinda easy.
Solved it in 5 minutes ,7 minutes max. In case you're wondering, I made this movie in the morning, but I never got a chance to post it.
Darned Windows Movie Maker... It just had to crash. All the time.
Oh and Revver has to evauluate every single movie personally.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Rubik's Revenge

A Bit of: Podcast and Life

Podcast-Radio- Listen in your browser.

Well I've been working on the Rubik's cube throughout the day, and managed to get most of every side. Unfortunately enough, I just can't solve it.
And I'm not going to stoop so low as to use a solution book.
So, I'll probably forget about it soon or spend the rest of my life doing it.
I just can't seem to get it...
I swear, there has to be a little man in there, just like controlling the little blocks... Its angry at me...
And when you finally solve it, it opens up and you get to kill the little dude. Revenge?

Anyways I'm really not going to bother to type up the rest of the day, since that really isn't what interests people.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hell-o Child Predator

Ok before you say anything, this was all one GIANT and plotted PRACTICAL JOKE on Geoffrey, I switched windows to talk with two people, and I was cracking up through the course of the conversation. I did very well at this too.

Well so me and Geoff are minding our own business, talking on Gabbly Chat, and here this guy comes in, and heres the conversation:
I put some things in bold for helpfullness.


gabber451 has joined.

nobody: i do everything BUT sports in fact.....

John: or you can have a heart attack

nobody: i know

Edwin: lol

nobody: but that wont happen for a while

Edwin: heart attack

our age

nobody: i'm only 12 after all..........

John: where do you live

Edwin: rofl

nobody: so really i probably have a good 50 years ahead of me

lol hell o Mr. child predator

how are YOU doing today?

John has left.

Edwin: lol.

nobody: lmfao


Podcast 1

A Bit of: Podcasting
Well here's Episode 1 of the "A Bit of Everything" Podcast.
Nothing special, just a basic conversation I guess.
You can find the Podcast in the sidebar, or on the left in a button on a post.

Rubik's Cube

A Bit of: Life

Well I came back from school, came to the computer, like I always did.
Today I brought a Rubik's Cube to school today, fumbling with it all day, during classes and everything. The whole sh-bang. Mr. Weid didn't seem to mind, and none of the other teachers did either. Except for Mrs. Driscoll, had to learn some health terms.
I got the first little layery thing done, unfortunately enough I really didn't manage to finish the other parts.
I did come extremely close, but Christian had to attempt it and, kinda screwed the entire thing up.
I managed to finish two full sides, twice. They were Blue and White I believe.
Anyways not much really happened I guess, being that it is a weekday and all.
I'll post tomorrow, hopefully something a little more intriguing will happen.
I'll make it happen.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Construction Complete!

Well after a few long-ish short hours of XML coding, I've managed to finally accomplish the second full-blog renovation.
Thanks to Geoff for encouraging motivation "your duckie looks weird..."
Thanks to Image for hosting all of the images that made this possible.
Thanks to for creating the "harbour" layout which I could edit freely.
Thanks to Blogger for hosting this blog.
Oh, and thanks for Geoff for letting me secretly rip code from his blog during the course of its creation, and for the help on borders.
Specifically I ripped code about the wrappers.

Anyways this is a triumphant day.
I think I'll go eat a lollipop.
Mm... Lollipop.

In case you were wondering, most of my day was made up by the 2 hr delayed opening, and the working on this project. Perhaps some major highlights was attempting at the Rubik's Cube in Health, or at lunch.
So we're at the lunch table, Geoff hands Mike a chip, he puts it in his mouth, and pulls it back out again.
"No, seriously, what did you do to this chip?"
So he gives me a chip as well, I grab it, dunk it in the trash can, and yell, "Fire in the hole!"
Good times.

Under Construction

Sorry guys, I'm working on a new template.

Another New Skin?

Yup, I'm in the proccess of creating a new skin for zuperblogz, preferably one that doesn't so much as "hurt your eyes as you scroll down"
Its coming out nicely, the new project blog is
You can go there if you want to check out the latest project.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Really not feeling so great today, not really happy-ish, just finished a runescape quest and I really don't feel like doing anything else.
I might actually go for my "Brand New New Blog Layout" idea, but really I'll need to read a bit more of my mom's XML book.................
Otherwise not really much happened today, not much happens at all.........................................................................................................................................

Man I'm bored.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Z0/\/\G 2 HR DELAY!

Now that I've gotten that 1337sp33k title off my chest, its up to me to tell you the news at hand.
There's a snow delay wo0t!
Oh, right, sorry.
Well I'm supposed to stay at home for... 2 hrs longer, not much to do really :P
Although I think I get to miss science, or at least have an uber-short period.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Go Blackberry!

Woot, I see my Blackberry post got here.
Nice to know.
Maybe I'll go buy myself a Blackberry, or one of those slick iPhones.

Prob with the iPhone I hear is that it can only call people on Cingular's network.
That means you have to MAKE your friends switch to Cingular just so you can talk to them.
Go clever Ad Campaigns!

Oh yes Geoff, thats right.
Have your "mum" buy you an iPhone.
Eh I'll probably never get one...

Ski Club Tomarrow! Wo0t!


WoOt! At last I've managed to get into my blogger account with my dad's Blackberry. I'm in the car slowly approahing my house, back from a day at the slopes. Ok right now we're at shoprite, typing on this lIttle plastic keyboard.Wow this I'd really annoying. Its actually snowing over here,and I feel great. Wow this Blackberry thing is swwet, I get internet from anywhere, thanks to cingular's great network, and its towers areeverywhere.Hey, I hear that the iPhone uses Cingular too. Sweet,sweet.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


"I'll order one McSat, with a side of boredom. Oh, it comes with it? Sweet, sweet."

Well I woke up today at around 5:00 ish, waited for my mom to prepare, at around 6:00 I left for the SAT testing place thing.
For breakfast I ate a Egg McMuffin, which contained a "sausage."
Strangly enough, it seemed to be soaked in oil.
"Hey! My Napkin's clear!"

Anyways I finished eating it and kinda felt sick to the stomach.
Then I drank t3h OJ.
Sugar rush!

So we had a little trouble getting there, so we asked around.
Unfortunately enough, she begins every question with, "my son's doing the SAT, where's this?"


Turns out we got to the testing half our before anyone came, including the dudes who hand out the little papers and say, sit here.

Turns out we got special attention being in 7th grade, got to sit in a nice heated room with padded chairs and stuff.
Well it turned out really not to be that hard, I'm not supposed to discuss any parts of the test so sorry. :P
It was actually horrendously boring, a lot of kids sat there with extra time.
"10 minutes remain"
Lol who says that?
Its always 10 minutes remaining or 10 minutes left.
But then again you have to read from a little booklet thingy.

Escaped, after we went to eat a Chinese place, drove home for an hour, you know, the usual.
So we went to do a little shopping, discovered that the eye doctor dude wasn't working, no contacts for me for a while.
Now I'm back here, I think I spent, what, 9, 10 hrs away from home?
Eh whatever.

Oh and I have to go work on my Algebra homework, and I might go start that story, The Perfect Crime.
But before that, I have to go see if I can improve my template, thinking of like a slightly less contrasty layout, a little metalic and few more ghost images to look professional.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The SAT?

Well tomorrow I'm supposed to wake up at... 6:00 ish to drive an hour away to some far off place where I'll take the blasted 3 hour testy-thing.

You know, I've found it odd how everywhere we go is always an hour away from my house, personally I feel that we're in the center of things.
Or if you're Geoffrey, "It's...the blast radius"
Anyways we are prepared, I'm supposed to go to bed a half hour early (8:30) and so my fate is sealed.
We've got everything- pencils and a calculator, two for safe measures.
My normal one is a little too risky for my tastes.
Because of this we took a trip to Staples, where we bought this new Casio Solar-powered thing, its shiny, sweet ,and awesome.
Uber-Awesome at that.

I'll be sure to post how the test works out, goodbye for now.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Perfect Crime

Well I really don't have much time to post, I have like... 6 minutes before I have to go so I'll just cut straight to the topic.

Pies are nice.
Bam! You've just read the bestest post ever!

Anyways its the morning, obviously, so I decided to write a shortstory/random crappy thing.
I'll Call it "The Perfect Crime"
I might post it on if I actually finish it.
Of course I usually never do so just disregard this post.
So then...

Its just that I really don't usually have free time to write... so..
I'll just...


Monday, January 22, 2007

50 Posts + Ski Club

This is the 50th post!
218 unique hits, totally irrelevant.

Anywho I had just come back from ski club, maybe... and hour ago?
Anyways I had a great time, saw Josh there, snowboareded a bit with the help of our teachers.
We learned to turn,and a generic stop for really, really, tiny hills.
After the lesson we were quite great a turning, except for the occasional falling.

Anyways we got to go on the "easier" slopes um... 3 times?
Pretty sweet, anyways the first time I crashed like, 5 times.
And I like totally busted my ***...
Once I think the board dragged in the snow, and it pulled my legs with it.
Anyways the second time was a little better, I fell like 6 times BUT!
They were just mini-fallings.
Josh was pretty good, he sped down without fear, but then he fell with such extreme force,
Or crashed.
I didn't see, snow was in my eyes.
And face.
And mouth.
: )
Anyways the 3rd time I believe was probably the worst, as at the end of the hill I crashed with uber-force and I believe I busted/sprained my wrist.
Anyways it still kinda hurtszzdsajk so iSdjt not hthat eeezdy t00f ttypee..'safj
I sneads som3k iiices.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's a LIGHT GUN ok???

Well I am finally back home, but because of my dad, he HAD to MAKE us learn chinese cuz it was our "second priority as second language."
Now I have to worry about TWO things.
Anyways it was rather boring as usual, he yelled at me for some opinions of fruit, specifically honeymelon (???). Anyways Geoff is busy exploiting his friends, it's what he does best.
And talking about who does what does best at doing best, we went to a movie.
Unfortunately my spidey-senses really weren't tingling so only me and Geoff showed up.
Anyways we got the first row, I got to jump over a bar.
So I was making nervous small talk, then I just jumped over the bar, and ran to go play some time crisis.
Time Crisisii you know.
Anyways the movie was good-ish , Freedom Writers ok?

Not a bad movie, got a chomp on a bag of sweet, skittles...
Sweet, sweet, skittles.......

Oh did I tell you about Time Crisis?
It was wonderful.
Wait, that dude wasn't in the game was he?
Um, you never saw anything ok?
Er, read anything.

Anyways Time Crisis was ownage, except for the fact that I kept getting shot, but I shot them down too quickly! Ha Ha HA!
That's my strategy.
Expose your body to as many bullets as possible so you can shoot them before they shoot you.
Somehow I managed to die... 3 times?
Oh noes, there goes another $1.50.
Somehow I really don't feel like being a marine is a good choice for me.
Unless I have a ton of quarters.
My last words on a battlefield would be, Sarge, shove some quarters into me, and then shoot "yes" before the 20 seconds are gone...
Strangely I don't really feel I'll be respawning anytime soon.

Nothing else is happening.
Nothing at all.

200 Hits!

It seems I woke up today to 200 UNIQUE HITS!!
Anywho, turns out my blog has only been out for... a little less than a month, and it's already picking up speed.
However, I am starting to question whether or not these are random stumbles or people actually come to read.
So I'd really appreciate it is you reader dudes would comment :P
No seriously.

Well Its morning, ate breakfast, and now its time for runescape.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Over the Hills and thru a tree...

So I woke up today at um... 7:00 ish, to go skiing at Shawnee Moutain, wo0t.
You might've seen me.
Chances are you didn't.
Anyways we had a great time there, did some skiing and stuff.
I got to go on the Black Diamond thingy like, 5 times it was super-sweet sp3333333dz0rs!
Anyways things went around for normal, ski lift, ski, ski lift, ski, fall, ski lift, fall, ski lift, ski, ski lift, and so on.
Anyways I'm back home now, and that's what counts.

Maybe I should expand a little more.

Friday, January 19, 2007

OK I lied.

Ok maybe not, but I won't post the pictures.
Ok maybe I will, sometime next century, when I finally get around to uploading it to the camera, but until then, I'm really too lazy to actually get the camera, and cable, and everything, and whatever.

So not much really happened today.
Science was crummy (as usual),
Social Studies I went and used the computers, a nice highlight I guess.
OH WAIT! That means I have to finish those 2 pages of the Magazine thing over the weekend.
Language arts was blahh, except for the fact that everybody in the class voted Vid + Me's picture prompt response was a no doubt a 6. A cooly cool cool 6.
Lol, the teacher even said "who here didn't give it a 6?"
and nobody raises their hand rofl...
*indistinct cough* *baby crying* *shotgun blast* *crying ends*
Oh right. I'm sure Geoff's got a six, or whatever something more.
Geoff runs up: "DUDE I got a 7 out of 6 ROTFLOLZ()MGAWDN3SS"

So nothing really out of the ordinary happened until period 8, which was Gym.
We played Basketball knockout, and I managed to come into very close second twice!
This surprised everyone.
Including me.
But not my smirking brain.
He's up there like , d00d, this thing is w0rk1ng l1k3 pl4nn3d.

1 inch of OWNAGE!

It snowed again, sometime last night, and I got to wake up to 1 inch of snow covering the entire neighborhood!
Snow is t3h best.
I have to leave for school in a while, I'll post pictures a little later today.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Joint Blog + Memory

Well Geoffrey has agreed to add the same chatbox as I, therefore we created an inter-blog chat system thingy!
Now you can talk to people visiting his blog, or during the rare instances you visit his blog, you can talk to people on my blog!
Oh right, sorry Geoff.

Anyways it turns out I had forgotten to really expand on my day today.
Memory lapse? Poisons? No idea.
Rather than actually take the time to edit my old post and insert my oh-so-random facts into it, I'll create a new post.
Yes. That's what I'll do.
Create a new post.
I'm doing that now.

Anywho, perhaps the highlights of the day was at lunchtime.
Like always, turns out Geoff was reading again, Mike had disappeared while trying to finish his social studies project, and random girls from Mishka's table had tried to deter Geoff's path to ultimate power!
Or something.
Anyways nothing really affects me exactly, Geoff just shrugs it off.
You're burying Geoffrey! Don't hide your anger!
Anyways to add a little retarded humour to the situation, I said,
"Hey look, you can see their table from here!"
And sure enough, we could see the random girls+Mishka seated.
And I waved.
Just waved.
Waving in a friendly manner.

They seemed to take it nicely.
T00 nicely.

Anyways one actually waved back, which was rather funny, and another had happened to move her face backwards in confusion, just one of those freaky faces that sort of say to you :
Who the hell is that guy and what the %$#@ is he doing?
That was significantly funnier.
I believe.

So while I type here, Geoff had probably "broken his mouth" with all t3h french horn sk1llz he's trying to use.
And I'm also expecting a rather mean comment.
Or something along the lines of,
"Hey at least I'm practicing for region band, and ur not, ha ha "
"OK just because I [ insert verb here ] doesn't mean you can [verb] on your [obscene word] [noun] ok you [insulting noun along the lines of moron, idiot, or imbicile]


Got back from school and..
What's that white stuff on the ground?
It hasn't snowed in... forever?
It just stopped snowing... -.-
Thanks a lot Mother Nature!
Thanks a lot.

Anyways today was relatively boring, pointless, whatever.
Probably not worth posting, so I'll leave it at that.
Maybe the only unique thing that had happened is that we got to use the old assembly room to play st00fz0rs on my french horn. wo0t!

Geoff's at art club at the moment, I am led to believe.
Probably going to make a post about what he made.
So I have nothing to do until he comes on, except playing on runescape, like always.
And I'm off!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1 Penny In the Hood!

You know that Adsense I put in the sidebar?
Its finally paying off.
Turns out I made a freaking sweet penny.
Wo0t! Penny. In check form.
Lets see you tax THAT you IRS!
Unfortunately I'm not supposed to tell you to click on my adsense, but if you want, I guess thats what you can do.
Click upon your own risk, unless there's something interesting there for once.
Except for the Mozilla Firefox Download, thats pretty cool, since Firefox is my main browser. Not that I'm leading you to believe that you absolutely have to click it and actually download it.

Well screw all of that.
I'm actually supposed to be working on a project thing for sch00l, something about social studies and colonial st00fz0rs.
Assuming I actually do it, being that it IS due tomarrow, I had better get started.

Right after this blog post.

Today was nothing interesting.
I went over to my blog when I got home, but not before eating some popcorn and watching TV for half and hour.
Anyways turns out I'm accumulating massive amounts of hits, which is pretty impressive by my standards.
I went to Geoffrey's Blog.
He can really go on about nothing for a really long time.
I mean really, typing a page on his day? Seriously.
Oh, right. Sorry Geoff.
Right now Geoff's talking to me over Google Talk, talking about shooting people with a pistol a few times and now he's dead.
He's also subconsciously humming Moscow 1941.
Either that or the tape recordings have begun to work. For once.
Now for Phase 2.

My arm is twitching. Maybe too much popcorn?
Anyways I feel that I should really stop typing.

No you stop typing first.
No you.
No you!
No you.
No seriously, stop.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chef Genius!

Well being that it's another random day where I just so happened to stay home, this is the best time for me to use my super-duper chef genius!
Yes, thats right.
Well turns out that I usually eat stuff my mom and dad make, but I can usually make things much better, and since I have a more complex palate, I was compelled to make a chicken dish, like I always do, and so I created this:In case you're wondering what that is, IT is a chicken breast stuffed with onions and pepper slices, with a side of slow boiled yukon gold potatoes mixed with assorted vegetables. Made from scratch.
Good stuff.
I have a few more pictures of teh food just to make you possibly hungry.Well while these pictures are loading I figured I should start eating so...
Sweet! They're loaded.

Well anyways I've already begun to eat my food.
Man its good.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Whoa! I asked for fun, not fun TO THE MAX!

I've been away for hours today, being that it is Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day, we went over to this place called FunPlex.
Interesting place, with this giant "Free Fall" ride thingy, one of those things where you sit in a chair, it moves you up, and it plunges you down some 20-30 odd feet.

I also went on the bumper cars...
Thats it.
That bump.

Went on laser tag.
Cept they called it laser runner.
Unfortunately enough they kicked you out if you ran.
Turns out its "too violent enough already to bump yourself on the wall."
He he... BumperPeople.
I managed to rack up a nice 2,275 points shooting people.
Its what I do best.

Arcade was fun too.
I played through the Time Crisis Series!
Awesome stuff that game.
I didn't even know they came out with Time Crisis 4 XD!
Turns out I've never played the original Time Crisis either.

Well I spent some hours there, and I don't even know what took that long.
Maybe it was because I wanted to go on a few rides over and over and over and over but NOT SIX TIMES!
Anywho turns out I'm back here, my Adsense got approved.
That means I can make money while I post random info to you peoples.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

4 Day Weekend WoOt!

I've got a sweetness 4 day weekend.
The first day and a half I spent on the computer, yet somehow I managed to dodge my usual posting.
I guess my Ninjas SKillz failed me, so thats pretty much why I'm here.

Well if you've been wondering WHAT exactly I've been doing all this time, I can't really tell you.
Well I could..
I've been playing runescape (WHOA! BIG SURPRISE THERE!) and attempting to get a fighter body cuz its JUST SO FREAKING AWESOME!
I'd like one of those penance hats too.
They're cool.

Super cool.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Holy shit!

My sister is crazy.
Now I'm not talking about taking advantage of a buy one get one free deal crazy.
I'm talking about the freakishly crazy sister of mine.
Ok this is what happened.
She's like, ok I'll go get my book.
She walks into the living room, and comes back, and just starts CRACKING UP!
She's been laughing straight for 10 minutes?
And thats really not and exaggeration.
Hey, she's cracking up right now.

Oh and guess what, I'm going to add some Adsense later, and make a few bucks while I type for the general crowd.

Rumble in the Desert

For the past few hours I've been doing basically...nothing that I can recall.
Geoffrey's off to Washington D.C for reasons unknown.
I haven't heard from Sean.
And Jessie made a surprise appearance on MSN Messenger.

So I've been helping Cameron finish the new runescape quest, Contact! and we're a good halfway thru.
His computer screwed up so I have just enough time to post before he finds out.
He he.
Well in a bit he'll be fighting possibly the longest and most boring battle he's ever faced, against the dreaded and genericly awesome, "Giant Scarab"
Real creativity doing its flow right there.

Ooo, he's coming back on.
I guess I should actually help him now.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whoops, my bad.

Today has been average, with maybe a few highlights.
Science was boring, like always.
Then I had Social Studies and I fooled around on the computers with Mike.
Fun stuff.
After that I had T3H language arts thingy.
I do you say... almost failed?
Na, failed is a harsh word.
I'll just call it, I barely managed to finish.

After that was Instrumental Practice, probably slightly more interesting.
Mr. White was playing with the light switches.
He turned off the light and... well... they just didn't turn on.
Around 10 minutes later they FINALLY turned on.
He he, the second light was PULSING.
It was really, really cool.

Lunch was Blah.
And this is where it interesting.
If you even call it interesting.
Well after math I walked with Cameron, being that Geoffrey was... Somewhere?
Anyways he kept making fun of "it*" so right as I was turning around to get into Spanish Class, I tripped Cameron right on the spot!
It was really, really funny.
Aside from the fact that my spanish teacher happened to catch me, punish me, and make Cameron stand in the middle of my class for a while.
Nothing much really happened after that.
Health was interesting, sorta.
Unfortunately enough I just really couldn't think of witty/retarded/funny things as a joke.

Oh if, I did, be sure to remind me Geoff.


*Jessie+Me Incident
***Inside joke, you wouldn't understand.


Ok maybe I didn't go MISSING, exactly.
I sorta isolated myself and made another blog, for my school.
Being that other people than my "friends" come here, I'd rather not say the link.
Well I haven't really been doing much.
I've been putting off my daily bloggy post thing since I just HAD to finish this new quest on Runescape.
So, even though it was supposedly a hard quest and stuff, It really was Pie.
Yes Cameron.
Look, big letters.

So anyways I just HAD to rub it into Cameron's face, being that he died during the quest (somehow) and lost a rune kite.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Ok maybe it isn't copyrighted, but WHATEVER!
It turns out my Rival Blog - (Geoblogz/El Blog-o) - is really trying to make fun of me.
Well you know what? I've decided to declare BlogWars against him.
Wait come back, no, don't go to HIS blog!
Well the point is this:
I'm supposed to score points against him, and he's going to try to beat me.
I really don't know how this is going to be scored but....
I got it!
It's not going to be scored at all!
It'll be a simple competition of analytics!

I'll be comparing the site stats of Geoff's Blog with mine, lets see who matches up...

Oh yes, be sure to check daily posts for BlogWar Updates.
Coming Soon : BlogWars Sidebar Crap

Grapevines that kill.

Well turns out that Cameron really couldn't keep his freaking mouth shut again.
Well you probably don't really know what this is all about, unless you happen to be Geoff spying in on here in advance for BlogWars!(C)
I still don't know what BlogWars will be about BUT YOU WILL SEE! HAHAHAHHA!

Anyways the point is that Geoffrey spread the word that i've been *cough*cough* with *cough*cough* Jessie, so apparently, he just HAD to tell Cameron, kid in out math class.
Turns out he just HAD to tell Josh, a kid who plays runescape as well.
He also just HAD to tell Ben P. So... This kinda sucks if you know what I'm getting at.
So Josh tells Matt P, and you know what?
Matt tells these two girls sitting across from the table.
Some friend you are Matt!

Anyways those two proceeded to...
Well you can pretty much piece together everything else.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Whoa he's pissed!

^He made himself using middle fingers in ASCII art...^
^Clicky for better look^