Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guess who has a dervish? >=(

Haha Danny has one.
Lucky bastard.

Well I mean he *did* sell his Wii for it, but I mean that was a TOTALLY fair trade.
Infact, I'm sure that that dervish is like 20x better than a mothafucking WII!

Grr its so sexy my pants exploded from excitement.
Oh, sorry.

Pictures just really don't do it justice! :D
I wish I had a Loaded board, like the VANGUARD!

^note, not mine (unfortunately)^

And guess what? I would get that same setup too. Gumballs on a flex 4 with Randals. YEAH!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can too do it. Shut the hell up.

Who says I can't land a plane?
Mr. Geoff says that I can't land a plane, but I should've showed him better, because I actually have hidden SUPER PLANE PILOT POWERS!
pyew pyew!

Well I was at his party and in the morning, Geoff/Jen and Matt/Jessie were sitting on the couch watching some LAMEASS movie about PIRATES.
(wtf, pirates? honestly)

I decided to go play pacific fighters on his computer, and essentially spent like an hour and a half trying to land this dumbass plane onto this aircraft carrier.
Yeah I kept crashing and I like stalled a buncha times. 
Thats probably because the game can't handle how much chinese is going into the game at once.

Well anyway, the party in all was pretty cool.
Played halo2, but mr. PALUMBO had failed to bring his xbox 360, but brought the halo 3 disc...
after like a dozen parties he still doesn't know nobody else has a 360 :P

Then there was pizza and successful pizza slappage. 
Its a simple process really, it goes like this:

Thats me on the right, and danny on the left with the pizza.
And before you ask that really is the face I make when I'm surprised.

You take the pizza, and swing it in a graceful arc into an ususpecting person's cheek.
I came up with this game on a ride to Dorney, and we had a pizza and I was like whoa
How cool would it be if we slapped people with these pizzas?

Wow, that random driver on the road definitely got it bad.
I can't believe I got that on picture too, I was afraid I wouldn't get my camera out fast enough!

haha we actually did pizza slap and get pizza slapped, and I was nice and slapped geoff pretty well with the bready side of the pizza, woo! intense.
When I wasn't expecting it, Mike just took my pizza and placed it on my wrist.

First thing I felt was ahh thats nice and warm. Wait a mothafuckin' second...

Aight, well thats all I gotta say for today, buhbye!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Geoff's Birthday Party (possibly awesums?) and various longboard rants.

Hey guess what? Its geoff's birthday party today! whoo an excuse to hang out, play halo1/2/3 forever and longboard around his neighborhood since I'm not allowed out of mine.

O did I tell you about that yet?

apparently we longboarded down to the middleschool (IN A LAND FAR FAR AWAY) and I had to get home by dinner, which was supposed to be in like 10 minutes. So I was essentially fucked all sixteen ways, and had to get a ride back home from Danny's Mom.
Edwin b sads.
So now I'm not allowed to go outside of the neighborhood.
(which is also a steaming, mouthwatering, heaping pile of bullshit.)

On that same day, Danny was over for dinner and my mom was like:
"If you get sick on our property it our responsibility."
I think it was a speak typo? Idk with these crazy-ass chinese parents.

"I not support you ski board"
I still don't know why they call is ski board, its retarded. like they can't say the word 'skate'

"You not allow skate past 5:30"

Alright, I'm done with this ranty-bit.


So I'm going to Geoff's Birthday Party (capitalized since it is a proper noun, dur) today, aboot 6:30.
He gave an invitation to Megan, she might actually show up but I doubt it. 
Yeah yeah geoff, I know she was like "I'm not really expected to come" but you never know.
After all her love for you is unquenchable.

Mattah Palumboo says he's going to try to bring Halo 3 and his xbox 360 over, but thats like the fourth time he's said he'll bring it (to seperate party-type-deals) and he never did.
Fingers fucking crossed guys, there is a chance that this lowly halo2 party might get SNAZZEH!

Oh on the subject of snazzyness, did I mention I have a fedora now?

But seriously I do have a fedora, and it pimps the shit outta you. :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Geoff so totally likes Megannnnnnn ooo0o0o0 :P

Haha totally.
Well today I spent some time afterschool to go watch the marching band and colorguard do their thing. (vanessas idea)
It was so hardcore, with their hardcore marching and hardcore flag.
I almost died of hardcore-ness.
So for the first like, half hour I hung around with matt, megan, casey, and vanessa.
O did I tell you? I missed the bus because vanessa dropped my backpack into the girls bathroom. rawr!
anyway so I stole megans phone (which was super shiny! omgs) and boy, she does talk to geoffrey.
so I changed geoffrey's contact name to Geoff <3>and Casey was like Whoaa You're going out with Geoff? 
ahahahahahahahahahah what a funny joke that would be! 
So anyway Me and Matt had like an epic dance party all over the picnic tables, and no you WERENT INVITED. 
you know, only a few, SELECT few get to go. 
I'm pretty proud, he said he'll be serving something with like, vegetable slurry: 
yeah yeah thank you, and before you ask me what photoshop tutorial I used to make that, I just want to say I didn't need a tutorial for that I'm just THAT amazing at drawing. 

Damn, I should go into graphic design. And to end the post on a completely related note:

I know right? I was thinking the same thing as you : Holy crap, I totally need to see that movie like, right fucking now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm back, and yes I'm still asian.

Hey guy(s)! Yeah I remember saying I quit at this shit.
Well apparently this shit is starting right back up again!
Dayummmm well I'm looking back at this thing and its been like, almost a year!
and in edwin-time (which is amazing) thats a long time D:

Well not much has really happened in the last year.
I took up skateboarding and longboarding, and I have to say, its INTENSE.
I can kickflip, doublekickflip(every so often), bs popshuvit, bs shuvit, fakie bigspin, fs half cab, bs ollie 180, and ollies.

And longboarding, I've gone my fastest at about 32.7mph, the last time we actually took the time to record it.

I actually started up longboarding like maybe a couple weeks after my last post in november, and started doing skateboard tricks in March.

Holy jesus this'll be a long post.

So now I'm in high school, 9th grade FO SHO.
Mishka, Geoffrey's on - and - off girlfriend has moved to Wisconsin, and is staying there for a year, leaving Geoff in a probable state of CRIPPLING SADNESS.

Us ridiculously awesome freshman got wicked-ass new lockers, big enough to like, fit people in. Crazy shit really.
Turns out they were given out in alpha-fucking-betical order, and guess what?
I seriously hate alphabetical order, it like always mocks me and reminds me of how asian I am.

So because I'm the last in the locker-lineup, us buddies formed like a crazy huge posse thing that congregrates back there.
We're like tumors, like ones that are benign but then you're like wait a second, I think its cancerous, but then its not so you're like ok, cool. but then you die.

Oh and over the summer I went to CTY Lancaster 2008, it was amazing.
Raving and wicked-ass dances (where people actually danced! my my).
People in my class were awesome yayy.

Yeah well I've got to do homework now, I gotta say thanks to emma since she really reminded me to start this thing back up.
like she googled mishka malinowski and my blog was one of the results. dayumm.

alright thats all for now, I hope to have random posts in the future.


oh and I also ditched the glasses for contacts, have longer hair, and braces.

oh and I still hate avocados.