Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can too do it. Shut the hell up.

Who says I can't land a plane?
Mr. Geoff says that I can't land a plane, but I should've showed him better, because I actually have hidden SUPER PLANE PILOT POWERS!
pyew pyew!

Well I was at his party and in the morning, Geoff/Jen and Matt/Jessie were sitting on the couch watching some LAMEASS movie about PIRATES.
(wtf, pirates? honestly)

I decided to go play pacific fighters on his computer, and essentially spent like an hour and a half trying to land this dumbass plane onto this aircraft carrier.
Yeah I kept crashing and I like stalled a buncha times. 
Thats probably because the game can't handle how much chinese is going into the game at once.

Well anyway, the party in all was pretty cool.
Played halo2, but mr. PALUMBO had failed to bring his xbox 360, but brought the halo 3 disc...
after like a dozen parties he still doesn't know nobody else has a 360 :P

Then there was pizza and successful pizza slappage. 
Its a simple process really, it goes like this:

Thats me on the right, and danny on the left with the pizza.
And before you ask that really is the face I make when I'm surprised.

You take the pizza, and swing it in a graceful arc into an ususpecting person's cheek.
I came up with this game on a ride to Dorney, and we had a pizza and I was like whoa
How cool would it be if we slapped people with these pizzas?

Wow, that random driver on the road definitely got it bad.
I can't believe I got that on picture too, I was afraid I wouldn't get my camera out fast enough!

haha we actually did pizza slap and get pizza slapped, and I was nice and slapped geoff pretty well with the bready side of the pizza, woo! intense.
When I wasn't expecting it, Mike just took my pizza and placed it on my wrist.

First thing I felt was ahh thats nice and warm. Wait a mothafuckin' second...

Aight, well thats all I gotta say for today, buhbye!


Geoffrey said...

hah it must not be used to the chinese flying planes because the americans did all their flying for them in ww2 :D hahahaha it was pretty funny though.

'alright, i got it this time, good.. good... AHHH SHIT SHIT WHAT THE HELL' *explosion*

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