Saturday, September 27, 2008

Geoff's Birthday Party (possibly awesums?) and various longboard rants.

Hey guess what? Its geoff's birthday party today! whoo an excuse to hang out, play halo1/2/3 forever and longboard around his neighborhood since I'm not allowed out of mine.

O did I tell you about that yet?

apparently we longboarded down to the middleschool (IN A LAND FAR FAR AWAY) and I had to get home by dinner, which was supposed to be in like 10 minutes. So I was essentially fucked all sixteen ways, and had to get a ride back home from Danny's Mom.
Edwin b sads.
So now I'm not allowed to go outside of the neighborhood.
(which is also a steaming, mouthwatering, heaping pile of bullshit.)

On that same day, Danny was over for dinner and my mom was like:
"If you get sick on our property it our responsibility."
I think it was a speak typo? Idk with these crazy-ass chinese parents.

"I not support you ski board"
I still don't know why they call is ski board, its retarded. like they can't say the word 'skate'

"You not allow skate past 5:30"

Alright, I'm done with this ranty-bit.


So I'm going to Geoff's Birthday Party (capitalized since it is a proper noun, dur) today, aboot 6:30.
He gave an invitation to Megan, she might actually show up but I doubt it. 
Yeah yeah geoff, I know she was like "I'm not really expected to come" but you never know.
After all her love for you is unquenchable.

Mattah Palumboo says he's going to try to bring Halo 3 and his xbox 360 over, but thats like the fourth time he's said he'll bring it (to seperate party-type-deals) and he never did.
Fingers fucking crossed guys, there is a chance that this lowly halo2 party might get SNAZZEH!

Oh on the subject of snazzyness, did I mention I have a fedora now?

But seriously I do have a fedora, and it pimps the shit outta you. :D


Geoffrey said...

'lol yellow'? you are absoluely horrible..

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