Friday, September 21, 2007

I'd Love Ayds, wouldn't you?

Here's a question. Would you rather have diet pills or enjoy Ayds?

I came across this video stumbling, and I thought it was hilarious.
Won't you join me in a laugh?
Ha ha.

The Story of the Big-Ass Oreo

Apologies for such a small picture, my webcam stinks...

And so we begin.
Me and my friends were sitting at our lunch-table, and so I pulled out a 6-pack of oreos.
Excellent, I began to fool around with them.
I took the first Oreo, pulled it in half, and stuck the half with the most cream on top of Mike's Bottlecap.
And so, we had a Oreo stuck to a bottlecap. Wonderful.
But wait! I had this amazing idea, you see.
I put another Oreo Cream half on the bottom, and I tried to see if anyone could possibly believe that It was an Oreo...
So, the next 15 minutes were spent taking apart Oreos and putting the cream onto the side of the bottle cap...
It wasn't necessarily hard, but I had to do so without any of the teachers patrolling the cafeteria finding out, So I had many awkward moments.
(i.e In the middle of taking apart an Oreo, a teacher came by, so naturally, I hid the half-completed Big-Ass Oreo into my lunchbox, and froze in place pretending to lick my Oreo.)
Ha ha, suckers, couldn't even notice.
Of course, Half of the table, perhaps 3/4ths knew what I was doing, so I was handing it out, this completely normal, one inch tall Oreo, when Mike decided "Oh, what if we slid it to the other side of the table?"
And so it came to be.
Charlie was at the other side, seeing this sweet, big-ass oreo, takes it and starts examining it, you see.
He starts to ask us what the hell it is, standing and walking and stuff, when a teacher comes by.
The teacher's like, "What are you doing?"
"Oh, some guy gave me this giant quadruple stacked Oreo"
"Well, eat it, or throw it away"
like 20 hands come up saying "Can I have it?"
So after a couple of minutes of cracking up he actually ate it, and bit on the bottlecap.
ha ha.

*the above picture is just a replica I made at home, actually, like 5 minutes ago.*

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogger Play

Wow! I found this new addition from Blogger!
Its called Blogger Play.
Its at
They say its an "endless stream of newly uploaded pictures."

Now I can look at other people's houses, kids, and kitties as long as I want!


Chinese Noodle Soup

My dad's just amazing at cooking, you know?
Just last weekend he made us this amazing "chinese" noodle soup. I mean, what's better than a package of sausages, a box of pasta, a couple of chopped tomatoes, and scrambled egg* into four quarts of rapidly boiling water?
Yeah, and you can make it more awesome by boiling it on high for a whole f**king hour!
Like, totally!

What do you get? tasty, tasty mush! Freaking waterlogged pasta noodles that made me want to throw up...
Seriously, if you're trying to make an "American" dish, couldn't you at least find that boiling ANYTHING for an hour is bad? Especially at high... I mean, simmering is cool and all, but who really simmers a soup by boiling it?
And why must my dad calling every dish he makes Chinese?
No, its not Noodle Soup and more, its frickin' Chinese Noodle Soup. Holy $h1t.
Would that mean if some English guy made it it'd be English Noodle soup? Gah... >.<

And so ends my rant about how my dad sucks at cooking.

In an unrelated story, I've tagged most of the posts. Yeah.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Renamed to Kick-Ass Ninjas...

Well, I felt like renaming A Bit of Everything to "Kick-Ass Ninjas!" for some reason.
Whats my excuse?
I have no Excuse.