Monday, September 17, 2007

Chinese Noodle Soup

My dad's just amazing at cooking, you know?
Just last weekend he made us this amazing "chinese" noodle soup. I mean, what's better than a package of sausages, a box of pasta, a couple of chopped tomatoes, and scrambled egg* into four quarts of rapidly boiling water?
Yeah, and you can make it more awesome by boiling it on high for a whole f**king hour!
Like, totally!

What do you get? tasty, tasty mush! Freaking waterlogged pasta noodles that made me want to throw up...
Seriously, if you're trying to make an "American" dish, couldn't you at least find that boiling ANYTHING for an hour is bad? Especially at high... I mean, simmering is cool and all, but who really simmers a soup by boiling it?
And why must my dad calling every dish he makes Chinese?
No, its not Noodle Soup and more, its frickin' Chinese Noodle Soup. Holy $h1t.
Would that mean if some English guy made it it'd be English Noodle soup? Gah... >.<

And so ends my rant about how my dad sucks at cooking.

In an unrelated story, I've tagged most of the posts. Yeah.


nobody in particular said...

correction; if a british person made it, it'd totally rock.

and we'd call it fish and chips.

it'd be exactly the same, just without all the ingredients and with fish and batter and potatoes fried in oil.

because nobody would ever make something like that if they had a choice.

Pixelated Pancakes said...

An hour? Wow. o_O

I'm surprised it didn't turn into some pudding-like mixture.

I just realized I haven't checked this blog in a really long time. Hehehe...

Anyway, I see you changed the name of the blog. Hope it lasts. ^^

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