Sunday, December 31, 2006

5 Minutes to New Years!

Yay, only 5 minutes to New Year(s)!
We 4, Edwin(Thats ME :) ), Jessie, Geoffrey, and Sean are all camped out in the computer room of my house.
Geoffrey is addicted to iHssdafaiot! im no addicted 2 anything. heh....heh... playing halo 2 with my feet was just a fad......
Sean is messed up and is trying to take over the TV and put on FOX to watch the ball drop.
Jessie is watching me type.
I'm uh... typing....

A Roaring Fire- Or something.

Yeah, my dad has started a fire again, with the usual tragic results.
I was taken aback from playing runescape again when the Smoke Alarm starting ringing.
So I ran out for some brooms to blow smoke away, and it turns out I'm too late, and the ringing has stopped.
Bah, I told him not to burn chemically treated papers again.
Yet he never listens...
I'm expecting my guests in some 30-odd minutes.
I hope they come.

New Years! Eve.

Its finally New Years!
That means...
What the hell!
What IS the point of this holiday anyways?
Nvm, thats not important, but I get to host meh party in some... 11-ish hours?
11 Hrs?
I better prepare.
You never know when the guests will start arriving...
...with their assorted GameBoxes and Geoff's Ps2.
With the little cable I haven't seen since my Super Nintendo.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Switch Skins Button.

I have a new Skin Switching button now, made by Geoff.
I bet I could make a better one, but lets not go there.

I did make a better one, and is being used on this site.
If you want to use Geoff's, screw you! It doesn't exist on this site!
But you can go Switch Skins With MY button, and then switch back with his!

Whole New Template!

Yes guys, I've moved up from the old Minima Black, and into something a whole lot sweeter.
Yup, I've made my own.
Well you see I actually modified the original 565 template made by stopdesign for blogger, to make it nice and black, whereas the normal one is green and crap.
Well I've been spending a few hours using the ol' trial and error mode of XML coding, which is somewhat a new thing for me, since I'm pretty used to just HTML.
But, thanks to stopdesign, they've organized the XML template to be very well organized and such.
Which saved me probably saved me a few hours.
Geoff complains that it looks like floating images (images you see after looking at something for a really long time, and then at something else, like a white wall), but who's he to judge!
I very much believe my Template is very professional looking, for someone with just a Windows.
I hear Macs have a really sweet Web Page Maker.
iPhoto or something like that...
My sister is in the other room watching... something, and I'm too lazy to walk out there and cause myself the physical burden of checking which movie she's watching.
But I'll have a guess and from here, it sounds like... The Haunted Mansion?
Ok, I just got yelling confirmation.
Well its 9:16, my usual bedtime, unfortunately enough.
Maybe if I stay here in this room they won't notice I'm not in my room.
I could hold up in here for HOURS!

Oh yeah, for those people who just can't stand seeing something old leave, there's a link to the old template, on the right-hand-side there's a link to the old template.
Why would you like that old thing?

Coward Eh?

For a few minutes yesterday night (yeah, just minutes) I believe I was quarreling with Geoffrey on who should call Mishka to come to my New Year's Party.
Oh come on.
If Geoffrey really wanted Mishka to come, I really think he should call himself.
Geoff told me to pretend I was him or something.
What would I say?
"Hello Mr. Malinowski (spelling plx0rz?), I'm Edwin but Geoff told me to pretend to be him, so I guess this is Geoffrey. Don't mind the voice change, I just started to sound Asian after the um... Accident? Anyways, even though Mishka is effectively more of Geoffrey's friend, I believe she should come to MY party."
Lol WTF?
I guess this problem will never really be solved.
Except for the fact that Sean just so seemed to be prone to the "logic" Geoffrey pounds into his mind, his miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!
However still, Geoffrey is very reluctant to call, but is going to call Mishka.
This time.
Maybe he'll give in next time.
He better.

Well I'll just stop writing 'cause my mom just brought in some donuts she bought with a coupon (again). Mmm... Chocolate...

Not that any of this matters!
The bottom line is I hate Avocados.
That's really the point I'm trying to make.
Avocados suck.
They really do.
They think they're soooo cool with their green bumpy skin and tough core.
Well you know what?
I wish they were never grown abundantly in warm climates and discovered by Europeans when Cortez landed on our shores in the 16th century.

Timed Out.

Finally, I actually got back onto Blogger.
Man, for hours (Since 8:00) whenever I tried getting onto the super-awesome Generic Blog-Thing, It always took forever.
Something about the server being timed out or something.

Rated Z.

So You're Dead.

So You're Dead - What do you want me to do about it?

Ice Skating.

Well I just came back from ice skating along with Sean and Jessie.
But not Geoffrey.
It was fun. I guess. In a fun kind of way.
But Geoffrey never came.
Oh yeah. I forgot.
We went ice skating.

Jessie's cousin's/relatives came along, and we helped Sean get accustomed to the ice.
Up close and personal.
Anywho, that really isn't the main focus.
Huh? Nvm that was.
We really enjoyed pushing Sean down.
Sean probably didn't enjoy it. Shaaaaaaaaaaame...
My ankles feel tingly, and I think I dislocated them. What about you?
I rented size 7 skates.
Apparently my spidey senses weren't tingly enough, so I had to go back and get size 8.
We (Me and Sean) paid $10 for admission and skates, but it only costed $9.
So the dude told us he owed us $1 each.
Man, It'd be sooo funny if as we left, we walked up to him, started slapping him, screaming,
"Where's the money? Where's the money?"
Unfortunately, at the end, they couldn't pay us in cash, but they paid us in soda...
Yeah...that's what happened...


I'm back home, with my fake little windows made to look like a mac, ready to post something without having it being ruined due to loss of connection. :)
Anyways, on the long drive home ( or just incredibly boring 1 hr and 42 minutes. WTF? )
I took off my glasses for reasons unknown, and I found out that I see light sources in Reds, Greens, and Blues.
Yeah, just like when you stand up reeeaaalllyy close to the television, and you can see the little rectangles with Red, Green, and Blue.
That's also the cue to pass out and worry about health later.
Then you try again.
Well that's what I'D do.

Par-Tay Week.

Oh yeah, this week is going to very impressive.
Tomarrow (I think) I'm supposed to head to an ice skating arena to ice skate with or without my friends.
Yes Geoffrey, You ARE OBLIGATED to come.
Then, on the same day, I believe, we head to Sean's house for a Pre- New Year's Eve Party/sleepover.

On the 31st however, I get to host my own, take that suckers!
*Cough* Sorry.
Well um. This is the first time I've decided to use my OWN house this time, surprisingly enough.
Especially since well, I've never done it before. : )

My Party Details:
Time - 31st 7:00 ish
Where - My House
Bring - Sleeping Bags, GameBoxes, whatever you may see to belong to our party.

Oh, and fuck off child predators.

Sneaky Sneaky

Here I am at the laptop computer, and I have little time to make a full blog post, either before my parents wake up or the wi-fi connection here times out.
Either way...
Anyways I just woke up (At last) after drifting awake and back asleep some 5 odd times.
But the important thing is, I'm here....
Hm? Oh yeah. Um...
You didn't see anything...

Dinner at the Cabin.

Came back from a dinner in the kitchen/quarter of the cabin which includes a table and four chairs. Nothing special for us. Maybe we're not special enough to have stools. Maybe just not awesome enough to have stool wars.
Anywho, I just ate a nice combination of pork vertebrae boiled in water, along with some noodles, and a burnt pancake with green "stuffs" inside.
Man, that was good.
(Don't ask me where we go the pig vertebrae, you wouldn't want to know.)

Lol, this cabin is very small. I think I'm sitting in the living room/cabinet/bedroom/kitchen. My sister is scratching the back of my chair right now, mumbling something about cats & dogs and teletubbie vision.
Maybe I should stop typing, my mom and dad are staring at me from the kitchen table with their little boiled pork vertebrae peices in their hands.


Argh, my eyes BURN!

1 hour of playing halo 2 right next to the television is well, boring.
My eyes are so freaking dry...
Why do I bother posting about this kind of things???
I think I'll quit Halo, is incredibly boring.


Man, I'm pissed.
I guess its the only word to describe the mood I'm in.

Well when I woke up today, I drove AN HOUR AWAY for a dentist, even though there's a dentist right where I live... Pfft. Magic Dental.
THEN my idiot sister decided she wanted to go to this cabin we now own, just because she believes a MUMMY follows her around, and that it can't travel all the way over to the cabin.
So...we had to DRIVE A FREAKING HOUR AGAIN to get here, and I'm stuck in this hellhole all day, and most of tomarrow.
I'm stuck watching the few DvD's we own, ones we've seen over and over again. Man, I'm FREAKING BORED.
Screw this, I'm going to go play Runescape.