Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Geoff so totally likes Megannnnnnn ooo0o0o0 :P

Haha totally.
Well today I spent some time afterschool to go watch the marching band and colorguard do their thing. (vanessas idea)
It was so hardcore, with their hardcore marching and hardcore flag.
I almost died of hardcore-ness.
So for the first like, half hour I hung around with matt, megan, casey, and vanessa.
O did I tell you? I missed the bus because vanessa dropped my backpack into the girls bathroom. rawr!
anyway so I stole megans phone (which was super shiny! omgs) and boy, she does talk to geoffrey.
so I changed geoffrey's contact name to Geoff <3>and Casey was like Whoaa You're going out with Geoff? 
ahahahahahahahahahah what a funny joke that would be! 
So anyway Me and Matt had like an epic dance party all over the picnic tables, and no you WERENT INVITED. 
you know, only a few, SELECT few get to go. 
I'm pretty proud, he said he'll be serving something with like, vegetable slurry: 
yeah yeah thank you, and before you ask me what photoshop tutorial I used to make that, I just want to say I didn't need a tutorial for that I'm just THAT amazing at drawing. 

Damn, I should go into graphic design. And to end the post on a completely related note:

I know right? I was thinking the same thing as you : Holy crap, I totally need to see that movie like, right fucking now.


Geoffrey said...

fuck it, you're not invited.

and dammit i looked for you guys but i wasn't sure where you were so i figured i would go back outside. then when i was coming to hang out my mum arrived.

but it was in a shiny porsche so i was cool with it :D

Edwin said...

psh porsche boy.

Geoffrey said...

yaay! also lmao i just noticed this title

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